Back Pain Myths


Back pain is a broad term that includes pain from the neck, mid-back, low back and pelvis.  Frequently, back pain develops from either a specific identifiable traumatic event or develops slowly, with no exact cause or warning.  Because back pain is so common and because back pain remains a mystery to so many people, many myths have taken shape about back pain and its causes and treatment.



Myth #1: Acute back pain (or early onset back pain) is short-term back pain.  backpain2

This has proven to be untrue.  Nearly 50-60% of individuals who have developed back pain have continued problems or develop chronic back pain.

Myth #2: Back pain is caused by inflammation.

This is also untrue.  Although some pain may be from different medical conditions which have inflammatory components – such as rheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis – the vast majority of sudden onset back pain in related to mechanical pain caused by stress on the tissues.

Myth #3: You should take it easy and limit your activity.

Short-term (1-2 days) rest may be appropriate, but it is ideal to regain as much mobility and activity as is possible without worsening the back pain.  A progressive return to normal activities should be your goal.

Since back pain is so often recurrent, education in posture correction, exercise, and avoidance of exacerbating positions will help you limit and control your pain.  If you have developed back pain for the first time, it is appropriate to seek further medical care with a physician.

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(Contributed by Vereen Rehabilitation Center Staff)

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