Meet the Vereen Team: Chesnee Miller

Chesnee Miller is one of the many athletic trainers at the Vereen Rehabilitation Center who partners with Albany State University in assisting their athletes. She found the Vereen Center while job searching during the summer after earning her bachelor’s degree from the University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg. She likes having the interactions that Vereen provides from not only athletes but from patients who come directly to Vereen or those who are referred from the hospital.

“What made me attracted to the Vereen Center was the family bond that I felt everybody had on the staff from just looking at pictures,” Miller said. “It’s definitely a reality, though, as far as feeling a family bond here because everybody here, not only those that work in the rehabilitation center but at the hospital, seem to be very close with each other. Even those who aren’t directly in the center, they’re close with each other. Even when everyone gets together, it’s like a big happy family.”

Miller grew up in Stone Mountain, Georgia, and moved to Madison, Mississippi, where she graduated from Madison Central High School. She then decided to stay in-state for college.

She enjoys working as an athletic trainer with ASU on their west campus because the standard of communication is set high between both the athletes and the staff.

“Everything over there has been really great,” she said. “The athletes follow the rules that we set for them and anything that they need from us. They’re very good at coming to us and letting us know so we can get them back on the field as soon as possible. Also, the staff is very supportive too, so if we might be missing something crucial that we might need, all we have to do is get in contact with the coaches. The coaches are definitely able to get that for us as soon as possible.”

One health tip Miller always tells everyone is to speak up when you feel something wrong.

“Don’t try to wait until the last minute,” she said. “If you are hurting or anything like that, let somebody know because the quicker you let us know, the quicker we’re able to get you back out there as healthy and as quick as possible.”

When Miller is not working at the Vereen center, she enjoys hanging out with friends, eating at new restaurants, listening to music, watching movies, and online shopping. When she needs some time to free her mind, she likes to take some time off to travel.