Meet the Vereen Team: Hayley Widman

Hayley Widman is an Athletic Trainer at the Vereen Center who is assigned to Colquitt County High School to provide healthcare coverage for all student-athletes. A graduate of Bowling Green State University in Ohio, Widman is furthering her expertise at the University of North Georgia while working with Vereen.

“So far, working for Vereen has been awesome,” Widman said. “The people here are very hospitable to people (who) come from far away, and they realize it’s different coming to southern Georgia from Ohio. So far, it’s been a pretty comfortable transition moving to Georgia.”

Aside from a smooth transition, as Widman’s hometown in Ohio resembles her new home in South Georgia, Widman has enjoyed meeting new people.

“My favorite memory would be meeting everyone right away and feeling like I kind of fit in here with the people that I’ve met so far and the other (graduate assistants),” she said.

As for which sport she prefers to cover, Widman enjoys outdoor sports.

“Eventually, I would like to essentially work outside,” she said. “One of my favorite sports to cover would be probably softball or football, but, essentially, I just really love working outside, so anything in the outdoors.”

No matter which sport she covers, Widman possesses a quality that all student-athletes can appreciate.

“I wanted to be an Athletic Trainer because I was always injured in high school,” she said. “I spent a ton of time with my high school Athletic Trainer, and I just grew to really enjoy it. So, just going through it myself, I feel like I can put myself in my athletes’ shoes easily and kind of relate and empathize with what they’re going through.”

Not only can Widman help student-athletes by empathizing with them, but also by encouraging them to keep going, even if things don’t come as quickly as expected.

“The biggest thing I’ve learned so far is to be patient,” she said. “Nothing good happens overnight, and you just have to stick with it to get the results you want.”

For her future, Widman yearns for success in whatever may come.

“My goals for the future are just to be successful in whatever my pursuit is,” Widman said. “I’m not very sure where I want to end up after (Vereen), but I just want to be successful in whatever I choose.”