Meet the Vereen Team: Jonathan White

Jonathan White is an Athletic Trainer at the Vereen Center who treats athletes at Colquitt County High School. White was born and raised in Glens Falls, New York, and then moved down to Georgia. He started working with Vereen in July of 2018.

“I think every injury, even if it is an ankle sprain or just soreness, is different person to person,” White said. “You really have to know who you’re dealing with and the athlete, what kind of personality are they, are they really tough. If they are coming to you and they are really tough, then that’s probably pretty serious, or there are some people that come to you about this and that. You just have to treat every injury different and treat their signs and their symptoms and then progress from there.”

White played basketball, soccer, and tennis when he was younger and developed a passion for those sports and for helping people. White’s work with Vereen allows him to bridge those passions together to create something he truly loves.

“I had an athlete that was coming back; she had sprained her ankle pretty severely at practice one day,” White said. “She started that match, and it was actually nice to see her get back on the court and kind of take her from A to Z from the beginning of her injury. It’s fulfilling to see them come back from an injury.”

White said that the days are long, but he believes that they are worth it to help the athletes through their practices, to see them come in to say hello, or to ask if he can help with their aches and pains.

“When someone gets hurt and you’re right there with them, you kind of take them from that point of them being injured and then you work with them,” he said. “You decrease their pain. You help them get through a lot of their daily life stuff, their activities that they do day to day – whether it’s brushing their teeth if it’s an arm injury or getting to class if it’s something that’s affecting their leg – and then getting them ready for sport. Seeing them return to sport is definitely the most fulfilling part, and it’s really fulfilling to take them from that first point where they’re injured, then see them get all the way back out on the field or the court.”

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