Meet the Vereen Team: Katie Mackovjak

Katie Mackovjak is an Athletic Trainer at the Vereen Center, and she works with the athletes at Colquitt County High School. She earned her undergraduate degree in Athletic Training from Bowling Green State University and is pursuing her master’s at the University of North Georgia.

Mackovjak is from a small suburb in Cleveland, Ohio. She heard about the Vereen Center through the National Athletic Training Association.

“I think I was drawn to the Vereen Rehab Center mainly because they offer coverage to different high schools, and I love working with kids, so I think that’s the biggest draw,” Mackovjak said. “And it was in a city that I’d never been to before, so that also was a big factor.”

Mackovjak said she was used to being in a bigger high school like Colquitt County, but that the excitement around high school football was new.

“Down here, football is on a whole different level than when I was in school, so that’s really cool to see the atmosphere, to see all the students and coaches gather around there and really become a community,” she said.

Her favorite part of being an Athletic Trainer is working with the student-athletes every day.

“Each kid is so different, so getting to interact with them, find out a little bit about them, and then help them through the process if they’re injured is what I love the most,” she said.

A typical day for Mackovjak involves treating athletes and taking them through their rehabilitation plans during the school day and then attending practices and games in the evenings. She said her motivation comes from the coaches and athletes she works with.

“All the kids are so sweet, and working them just brightens my day every day,” she said.

As for the future, Mackovjak wants to work with a high school for a few years before eventually moving on to teach. Her dream job would be to work for the US Olympic Committee.

“Working with the Vereen center definitely has exceeded my expectations tenfold,” she said. “When I came down for my interview, everyone was just so welcoming and nice, so that’s something that drew me the most. Working through the high school, they help so much, so I definitely think overall I love working for Vereen.”