Meet the Vereen Team: Margaret Giblin

Margaret Giblin is an Athletic Trainer at the Vereen Center who works with the athletes at Colquitt County High School. She attended the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh and is pursuing a master’s degree at the University of North Georgia.

Originally from the Midwest, Giblin is used to a small town like Moultrie. In fact, moving from Door County, Wisconsin, to South Georgia actually meant moving to a bigger town for her, although it wasn’t without its challenges.

“It’s not like I came from a huge city and it’s super different, but it was a culture shock when I came here,” Giblin said. “There’s so many things that are different, like the things people say. It’s hard for me to understand people sometimes because of their accents, but everyone here is super, super nice, so that’s a plus.”

Giblin found out about the Vereen Center when she was looking into graduate school programs online. She was initially interested in working with Vereen because it would be a great way for her to experience a different part of the country.

“When I came to visit for my interview, I really liked it here, so I think that was kind of a big deciding factor for me,” Giblin said.

Giblin works with another Vereen Athletic Trainer, Katie Mackovjak, to treat the athletes at Colquitt County High School. They split the school day in half and are both at practices and games.

“All of the coaches and players I’ve worked with so far are all really, really nice,” Giblin said. “They’re all respectful, and they listen to us and do what we tell them to do, which is nice. … All the sports are really good too, so that’s a plus, to get to watch a sport that they’re actually good at. Overall, it’s been a good experience so far.”

Giblin noted how great of an impact the Vereen Center has had on the city of Moultrie.

“The Vereen Center is a huge part of this community already,” she said. “I’ve had multiple parents and just random people that I don’t know come up to me when I’m at the grocery store or something and I have a Vereen shirt on and just start talking to me about it. It’s a really nice facility, and it’s rare to have in a community that’s a little smaller, so that’s really nice.”

According to Giblin, part of what makes the Vereen Center a great place to learn is how open the staff members are to questions and helping each other to better serve their patients. The access to great equipment doesn’t hurt either.

“Everyone that works there is super nice,” Giblin said. “They’ll help you with whatever you need. They’re very intelligent. There’s a lot of high-end equipment there. Some of it, when I came in for my interview, I had never seen before, so that’s nice that they have things… that they can use to help people return to play faster.”