Meet the Vereen Team: Marissa Elam

Marissa Elam is an Athletic Trainer at the Vereen Center who works with athletes at Worth County High School. She is a graduate of the two-year Athletic Training program at Union College in Barbourville, Kentucky.

Although Elam isn’t originally from Georgia, she feels that Vereen has welcomed her to her new home with open arms.

“Working with Vereen so far has been pretty great — been family oriented, which I’m really a fan of — and everyone’s been really welcoming,” she said.

Elam quickly learned that her colleagues offer not only a warm welcome, but a helping hand as well.

“One thing I have learned so far is people are going to be there for you, and if I need help, I can always ask, and that’s going to stick with me,” she said.

Elam became interested in a career as an Athletic Trainer through her own experiences as a student-athlete in high school.

“I decided to become an Athletic Trainer because throughout my high school and college careers, I played volleyball, and I was injured a whole lot,” she said. “So, I spent a lot of time in the Athletic Training room, and I got to see that side as well. I got to really connect with my Athletic Trainers, and they really got me interested in wanting to become an Athletic Trainer.”

Despite Elam’s love for volleyball, having played throughout her high school and college careers, her interest in Athletic Training favors baseball due to her childhood and family connection to the sport.

“My favorite sport to cover has definitely been baseball because I played softball when I was younger,” she said. “My whole family, we all played that sport, and it’s just kind of something that I enjoy watching and something that I can get into a lot more.”

She plans to get into it even more by applying for a baseball-centered internship in the future.

“I want to eventually, for the future, apply for an internship with PBATS (Professional Baseball Athletic Trainers Society), which is professional baseball, and then after that, I kind of want to work in the college setting if peer professional sports don’t work out,” Elam said. “But that’s what I want to do.”