National Beef

National Beef logo 2013

As the fourth largest U.S. beef company, National Beef® Packing Company has come a long way from our origins as a single beef processing plant in 1992. Today, we are known as an American Beef Supplier dedicated to building our customers’ success by producing and delivering high-quality fresh, chilled, and further processed beef and beef by-products. And through the expansion of our branded boxed beef, case ready beef, portion control beef and wet blue leather business, we’re prepared to be a reliable supply partner with the capabilities to exceed the needs of our customers.  The Moultrie plant is one of seven locations across the country and one of the largest employers in the area.

The Vereen Center is proud to partner with National Beef to ensure its employees are ready to work and stay healthy while doing so.  The Vereen Team administers post-offer screenings to new employees to establish baseline scores for strength, mobility, and movement efficiency.  The Vereen Center’s staff also provides training on ergonomics and injury prevention.


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